Liz Spieker

Liz Spieker has 13 plus years of experience working at AIM. Her compassion and joy in working closely with individuals in need has also brought joy to many recipients and their families. Whether as “simple” as giving a woman the ability to go to the mailbox to get her own mail or as “heart-wrenching” as giving a man the opportunity to go to the hospital to meet and hold his newborn grandchild for the first and last time; sharing in the gift of mobility makes working at AIM rewarding for Liz. Currently she coordinates the inventory of wheelchairs with Ron and keeps up with all the filing, bookkeeping, and data entry that helps the organization run smoothly.

On the personal side, Liz and her husband, Steve, have been married for 37 years. They have four children and live on the NE side of Grand Rapids. Working at AIM has shown Liz and her husband that mobility is a gift that cannot be taken for granted. This serves as an inspiration to them as they enjoy biking, traveling, & spending time with their family.